Corie Audette

Lost Collection

      My art reflects the interconnection between humanity and nature. With these three drawings, I wanted to document the effect of humans encroaching upon the environment and rapidly pushing the wildlife into extinction. I specifically illustrate Monarch butterflies as a symbol of how the everyday destruction we humans have on nature can effect even the smallest of creatures. The Monarchs or the parts of the Monarchs that are drawn in black and white symbolize their loss of life and loss from this world. Two of my illustrations depict crumpled up, insignificant pieces of paper with the image of Monarch butterflies on them. These drawings manifest how if this damaging path we have on nature continues, then Monarchs will become a memory or an inanimate object preserved only by images on paper. One of my drawings presents these reproduced paper images of the butterflies as the only thing we will be able to collect and pin up for display if Monarchs become extinct. My other drawing explicitly shows the human impact on these butterflies with the touch of a handprint causing the creature to fade away. Although my drawings are minimalistic in composition, they are enriched with realistic detail; allowing the viewers to become intimate with each piece and contemplate on my message. With my drawings, I hope to express the significances these magnificent butterflies not only have on the flora and fauna life, but to humans as well.

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