Corie Audette

Once Upon a Object

      I created six allegories focused on important personal objects. My history and experiences with these objects have developed their own meaning or persona. Through the use of interpretational and cultural symbology, each object has its own personified animal character endowed to protecting the object. The dog holds an open book for knowledge and strength. The bird dangles a clock associated with guidance and the daily transitional cycles. The crocodile protects the key for unlocking the secret to wisdom and success. The cat suspends a teapot signifying emotional balance and purity. The rabbits grab scissors to indicate creation and the ability to adapt. The deer elevates a broach in the shape of a flower representing femininity and achievement.
      I am inspired by sacred or religious imagery found in many different cultures including Christianity, Hinduism, Islamic, Greek, Native American, Celtic and Egyptian. My characters are like many other iconographic images of deities or saints; although they convey an unearthly, visceral and imperial tone, their demeanor is inviting and intriguing. I hope viewers will enjoy the visual intricacy and allergies applied with each character and interpret their own meaning.

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