Corie Audette

Common Household

     My title for this project is, “The Strange and Hidden Existences of the Common Household” relating to the hybrid creatures I have crafted and animated from manmade materials. I specifically use common household materials and composite them into creatures to represent the human impact we have on nature. Each of these creatures has a history, with a description on their habitats, diets, characteristics and much more. I present my creatures as if they are specimen on display in a museum or cabinet of curiosities. I am always influenced by nature and the relationship between humans and animals.

     For this project I was specifically influenced by hybrid manmade materials and through my imagination I animate the soul or life-force of these materials, creating my own hybrid creatures. Although my creatures may not be “real” living-breathing beings, they do take on a three-dimensional form and become a real representation of the human imagination with reality. I want people to stop and contemplate about what they see, use and do every day and how it can affect our relationship with nature. I created these creatures as if we have to coexist with them; their annoyances and all. Each creature causes their own inconvenience to the common household, such as stealing your socks or making food to get freezer burn. The more I developed on the personalities and histories of these creatures, I was then inspired to make the presentation into a scientific observation or an investigation about them. My presentation includes in-context photographs of my creatures, providing evidence of their existence within the household. I also have written text on their descriptions and other facts about them. There are also scientific illustrations for each creature drawn in different styles, suggesting that the creatures have been around for a long time period and hidden within many different kinds of houses throughout the world.

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